About Us

Hello, my name is Eileen and I am the owner of Lucky Paws Pet Sitting. I am a big time pet
lover. I have lived with at least one cat in my house for over forty years. I have lived in West
Bloomfield since 1996 and my family and I are the proud owners of four frisky kitties. Our
older two, Sierra and Smokey, found their way to our back door when they were just hungry
little kittens. A few years later, we adopted two more kittens, Peaches and Pebbles, from a
local rescue center. I could not live without their constant whining for food around the house.
I am married and have two school-aged children, a boy and a girl, both of whom love pets.  

I have been walking dogs, watching cats, and feeding the occasional fish since 2011. When
I chose to re-enter the workforce, I decided to do something that I loved, and taking care of
dogs and cats seemed like the perfect fit for me. It's nice to go to work when you love your job.
I've had my share of pet sitters over the years for my own cats, and I've learned what I liked
and disliked about each of them. The bottom line is: I wanted my pets to be cared for the
same way I would care for them. And that is what I do with every pet I care for. I treat them
as if they were my own pet and do whatever it takes to make their owners feel secure that
their four-legged family members are well cared for in the safety of their own home.

An Experienced Team

As well as myself, I am lucky enough to work with six other professional and experienced
pet sitters and dog walkers who all have many years of experience caring for animals. Our
whole team is completely reliable and trustworthy, and looking after animals is something
we do for fun, not just as a job! Our team includes an ex-pet store owner, animal rescue
shelter volunteers, and staff experienced with high energy dogs.

If you trust me to look after your best friends, I promise to give them as much love and care
as I give to my own animals. Well over 100 families currently trust us to look after their pets.

Lucky Paws Pet Sitting LLC
Lucky Paws Pet Sitting LLC
Keeping your pet happy at home