At Lucky Paws Pet Sitting, we offer a variety of 'in your home' services
to meet
the needs of you and your pet. Call us to set up an initial
consultation so we can discuss your individual requirements.
Vacation Visits - During a vacation visit, as well as feeding, playing with
and exercising your pets, we will also collect the mail and newspapers,
adjust the lighting and window treatments, water your plants, clean up the
litter and any messes and keep a behavior log. If you like, we'll even email
you text or photo updates while you are on vacation! And rest assured, if
there are any problems with your house we will get hold of you. If a pet is
looking unwell we will stay with them or get the appropriate medical
attention per your wishes. So just relax, and enjoy your trip - your pet and
home will be well looked after
Midday Dog Walking -  Disappointed that you are stuck at work for long
hours, and your dog misses out on the sunshine and fresh air? Too tired
to give your dog the walk it needs when you get home? For a midday visit,
we will feed and water your pets, clean out the litter, and give play time,
exercise and a potty break. Return home in the evening to happy,
exercised and relaxed pets!
Puppy 'Drop In' Visits - Having a new puppy is a great time! However,
leaving it home alone can lead to anxiety and make house breaking
challenging. For a puppy visit, we will drop in, let your new friend out for a
potty break, and clean up any unpleasant surprises he may have left you!
Lucky Paws Pet Sitting can help!

Here’s our fun top 10 reasons why you should use Lucky Paws to keep your
pets happy at home:

1.   Your pets love your home!
2.   No need to spend the time driving to and from the kennel – your pets will be
waiting to welcome you back from your trip
3.   No need to worry about your pets or your home while you are gone
4.   You will feel better leaving your pets somewhere they are comfortable
5.   No returning home from vacation to piles of newspapers in the driveway and
dead house plants
6.   With plenty of exercise, your dog will stop tearing up the house
Cared for by a professional pet sitter
8.   Although you have fun on vacation, pets hate to travel   
9.   We will treat your pets like they are our own
10. No kennel cough!

     Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy

     Providing world class care of our clients' pets is our mission.  
     Lucky Paws would not be able to stay in business without being
     completely reliable and utterly trustworthy. We love animals, and
     will care for your pets as we would our own. If anything unplanned
     does happen, we are fully insured - you can trust your home and pets to us.

So, why not contact us to set up a free initial consultation...we'd love to take care of your pets ?
Lucky Paws Pet Sitting LLC
Lucky Paws Pet Sitting LLC
Keeping your pet happy at home